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Year 3 (Jan 1, 2020)
I'm back! I can't believe it's been 4 years since I finished my last project. My first baby was off to kindergarten then and now my last (third) baby is in kindergarten! How time flies... I've been in a photo lull lately so hopefully this will give me new inspiration to get my camera out and get creative.
I'm looking forward to following old friends and finding new ones. I love this community!

Year 2 (Sept 15, 2014)
Well it's been 16 months since I completed my 365 project... And I might be ready for another go. One of the big reasons I would like to join in the fun is that we have a new addition in our family. Dexter was born mid-July and I would like to have some photos from his first year that aren't just from my iPhone! 365 inspires me to have my SLR close at hand. I finished my first project without any gaps or fillers, but plan to go a little easier on myself this time. With my 3 kidlets under five years old, there isn't a lot of extra time in the day!

Get Pushed Challenges So Far this Year:
115. Selfie (finalist)
116. Building I Like
117. Forced Perspective
118. Reflection (winner!)
119. Negative Space
120. Rust
121. Movement
122. Still Life
123. Water Drops (finals)
124. Candlelight Portrait (finals)
125. Cityscape or Landscape
126. Shaped Bokeh (finals)
127. Reflecting on Achievements of 2014
128. Recreate an Advertisement (finals)
129. From Dexter's (my baby) POV
130. 'Day in the Life Of' with new wide angle lens
131. Favourite Food
132. Inspiration from a photo from Page 11 of my Fav
133. Recreate an iconic photograph of a woman
134. Creative Lens Flare
135. Portrait of my children from above (winner!)
136. Shoot from the hip
137. White on White
138. Non Daylight Portrait
139. Fire (finalist)
140. Still Life with 3-5 objects from around the house
141. Low Key Portrait (finalist)
142. Abstract with Vibrant Colours


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From Year 1 (May 16, 2012-May 15, 2013)
I live in Calgary, Canada. I'm a Mom! It's my main job right now, and the best one I've ever had (though my Engineering and MBA education isn't directly applicable!), even with the lousy pay, so you'll likely see quite a few pics of our beautiful Juliet (who turned 2 the day after I started project) and our new Baby Nora who joined us in late July. Other themes that have cropped up over the first quarter include animal shots from our zoo visits, flowers and bugs in my garden, playground photos, and plenty of neighbourhood shots - I have found new appreciation for our back alley!

I welcome your help with any feedback both good and tips for improvement. I'd really like to learn from this project and to push myself in my photography.

I am loving this challenge and find myself looking closer at the beauty in my world.