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January 1, 2022 begins my 4th year on 365. In the past my goal was to shoot new photos every day and post one that I liked and in my first year I was very successful with this... I don't think I missed a day. Years two and three I relaxed that goal and posted photos from a particular shoot over the course of several days... why not share when you have some images that you really like? During year 3 I've done a lot of commenting on other photos and I've learned so much from this community... thanks so much... I read all of your comments and so appreciate them.

In year 4 of my photo project I plan on learning some new editing/post-processing techniques. I will also be looking back at my work retrospectively and re-editing and posting some photos taken in previous years. I will be traveling a lot this year and doing a lot of hiking... this means I will not be commenting as much as I have in the past year... I wish you all a year of health and well being... and as Gillian says to Captain Kirk in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home... "see you around the galaxy."