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I love to get out & photograph the amazing Australian landscape as often as I can, and also love to photograph old houses, historic ruins, sheds, bridges etc etc.....anything rustic really. I try to always carry at least my little Lumix LX7 with me wherever I go. I live in the central west of NSW, and love to travel our beautiful country.

Looking forward to playing along & challenging myself to take a photo each day and also looking forward to learning & improving my skills along the way :)

Year 1(2016):- I plan to stick to taking a photo each day for the full year, but I've also decided to share one photo per week from the archives each Wednesday - I'm gonna call it "Wind-back Wednesday" and will mostly be some of my fav shots from my travels near & far :D

Year 2 (2017):- I'm not going to be so strict on taking a photo each day this year. If I've been somewhere of interest, I plan to share photos of that experience for however many days - not necessarily on the day that the photo was taken. I have also decided to do a themed month every second month - churches, doors, cars, pubs etc etc :)

Year 3 (2018):- I think I will just be adding photos to my project whenever I have shot something of interest. So I'm going to try to not worry too much if I miss days here & there as life is just too busy with not much spare time on my hands - but having said that, those little gaps each month might get the better of me & I may not be able to help myself & will possibly feel the need to 'fill' them....lol

Year 4 (2019/20):- Not much input this year with photos added sporadically, just to keep my project alive so that I dont lose all my photos.

Year 5 (2021):- After quite an extended break, starting at the end of May, I'm looking forward to getting back into my project & getting out & about more with my camera(s), which I have missed. No set plan for the year, just come what may, and if I end up with gaps each month, I can live with that :)

My photos that have made it to the popular page:-