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Return year 2022: Here we go again!

Year 9: off and on since year 3 bit giving it a whirl! In for journaling really but every once in awhile I get a nifty artsy shot. Love seeing long time friend/photographers over time. Quite a friend-forming crew most of whom I’ll never meet - but ya never know! Cheers!

Year 3: Well, I am still catching up from Year 2 but am committed (or should be) to this project, still!

Year 2: I did it! I completed this project - 365 days of pics, one a day, like a vitamin! It is crazy good. I am not in this project as an excellent photographer like many here - but I have documented the most amazing year ever! I have made a few friends in this 365 community and I have enjoyed the most spectacular photos! I just gotta keep going, may even use a "real" camera this year :)

Year 1: I have inspiration this year to complete this project! I only have a Sony Cybershot but it does OK and fits in my pocket. Hope to share some of my bucket list accomplishments here! Cheers! (Footnote: Sony Cybershot got pushed aside early on for my new cellphone camera...always there and good quality - someday I may grow into something more professional).