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January 1, 2021, beginning my fifth year. I thought I should say where I’m from, North Texas, in a suburb north of Dallas. Happily retired for 10 years, not sure how that is possible. 365 is part of my daily life, I enjoy viewing everyone’s photos and commenting, as well as posting daily photos.

January, 2020, I’m happy to begin my fourth year here, I’ve learned so much from all of you and thank you for looking at my project.

January 1, 2019, year three is underway! I’m enjoying this site more than ever, and enjoy seeing everyone’s photos and learning about their daily lives, not to mention learning about all the other countries, their people, places, animals, birds, just wonderful. I’ve learned so much about photography here, so grateful for all the observations and lessons. Thank you!

January 1, 2018, I begin my second year on 365. I’m so glad to be on this site and learning from photographers the world over. I’ve never seen a community like this, the kindnesses and commitment to help each other grow in our photography skills and knowledge is just amazing. 365 makes you see the world differently, there are photo opportunities everywhere. I’m looking so forward to improving my photography skills this second year, this is a great way to keep our minds thinking and active!

January 1, 2017 , my first 365 year - I'm a native Texan, a retired credit union executive and very amateur photographer. I look forward to learning from all the photographers on this site. Please comment and offer advice on what I can do to make my photos better. Thank you!

I am grateful you included my "Waiting our turn" photo on your Newcomers page. I'm very intimidated by how great everyone's photos are, but that is precisely the reason I joined, to learn from folks better than me!