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I think it is about time I update my profile.

I am still loving every minute on this site and it has become a priority in my life. I am ever so grateful to my friends and followers for the support and input they give me, it means more than I could ever say.

My children and grandchildren live in Germany, so 365 has become my lifeline. Not being able to play golf anymore, gives me all the time I need to get out and do what has taken it's place. I am so into photography now and every time I am out, my camera is with me.

The only problem that I do have, I am very limited as to where I can go alone, even in broad daylight. I cannot stop and just get out of the car when I want, as crime is a huge fear factor.

I am fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful parts of our country, although I am not always able to capture it the way I would like to. I will keep on trying to give my best and hope to improve now that I am shooting in Manual.

Another problem I have, is not being able to respond or comment as regularly as I used to. The power outages here are getting out of hand and I hope everyone understands my dilemma. Of course there are cell phones, but the connections are very bad and data is rather expensive here. So please bare with me and hope that things will change in a positive manner.

thanks everyone for being there for me.

Hi everyone, I started (Dec.26th 2016) I am retired and live in Stellenbosch, Western Cape SA. I love the beauty of nature and living in the Winelands with stunning views and taking photo's has become a passion. I have been taking photos with my cell or a Panasonic Lumix FZ80.

Update 2021 Having just started year five, I am more hooked than ever. I love this site and all the wonderful people who have helped and supported me along the way.

Meanwhile I have bought a real camera and am trying to find my way around it. Hopefully I will learn a lot and be able to improve this year. Thanks for all the support, it means the world to me :

For those who take the time to comment on my photos, I will happily return the favour.


In case anyone would like to contact me, have some advice or tips for me, here is my email