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Ha! I just realized that I have been here just over a year (a year and three days to be exact) and I'm just now writing an intro. LOL Meanwhile I love reading them on everyone else's page!

OK so, I have pretty much always loved photography, but have never had any training (other than a few books). It was VERY hard for me to give up film, but now it would be hard for me (and too expensive since I take 20,000 pics a year lol) to go back! This community has been invaluable to me. I have learned so much from all the wonderful people here and made many cyber friends along the way, for which I am eternally grateful!

Nature photography makes me happy! It is most definitely my favorite type of photography and always has been. But, this experience has made me a better "people" photographer, which is perfect since I have a built in model...my three year old daughter, A (name withheld to protect her future hahahahaha)! I NEVER edited my pics before, but am learning to do that as well, and the pics on this site have been FULL of inspiration for me! I NEVER shot in manual (I didn't know how) and I think it is possible that I currently shoot more in manual than auto! That was a huge step! I will never stop learning as long as I am a member of this community!

I am a third grade teacher, have been for 23 years, but I am currently on a two year childcare leave. So that means I get to spend my days with my sweet, spirited, baby girl (well she's 3.5 now). Every day she teaches me how to be a better mom and reminds me what life is all about. She is almost literally the air that I breathe, but she is also a mini me, which causes me to want to call my mom and say sorry on almost a daily basis! LOL No worries, her strength and independence will serve her well and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Haha I went from no intro to a novella! Sorry! :) As I said I just finished my first year, and I am very excited to start on a new journey in my second year!

Get Pushed Challenge:

Here are the challenges I have been issued so far...
January 4, 2014: an abstract shot
January 11, 2014 motion blur (which I feel I failed miserably so feel free to give it again)
January 18, 2014 black and white portraits of my daughter
January 25, 2014 black and white portraits of my pets
February 1, 2014 oil and water abstracts
February 8, 2014 light painting
February 15, 2014 something inorganic
February 22, 2014 something out of context
March 1, 2014 upside down
March 8, 2014 HDR
March 15, 2014 something colorful in black and white
March 22, 2014 abstract selfie
March 29, 2014 variety of flavor
April 5, 2014 motion blur (round two)
April 12, 2014 forced perspective
April 19, 2014 a building from a unique perspective
April 26, 2014 dark horror
May 3, 2013 shadows
May 10, 2014 dark/low key/noir
May 17, 2014 photographing interior rooms
May 24, 2014 panning
May 31, 2014 selective color
June 7, 2014 chocolate
June 13, 2014 food dye in water
June 21, 2014 one item from each family member that tells who we are
June 28, 2014 selective color
July 5, 2014 long exposure with water
July 12, 2014 HDR or texture
July 19, 2014 street photography
July 26, 2014 black and white nature focusing on shape and form
August 2, 2014 reflection/diffraction
August 9, 2014 only shadows
August 16, 2014 light painting with a human element