Evelyn the Diamond Dove by lyndemc

Evelyn the Diamond Dove

It's just not safe for me to go into a pet store. I followed my oldest son into Petsmart where he was buying supplies for his guinea pigs that are now staying with me for the next 7 months. One bird enclosure had the name "Evelyn" taped to the front, and since pet stores don't normally name their merchandise I asked if she was a 'return' looking for a new home. No. The story was that she had been there for nearly a year, patiently waiting for someone to be interested in taking her home. Since I have a building that's been converted to an aviary I figured Ms. Evelyn might as well come home with me and hang out with the other two little Diamond Dove girls that I have.

Mom, thanks for suggesting I take a picture of her. Here you go!
very kind-hearted of you to take miss evelyn in. I am sad when I hear of stories of animals that have to stay in foster care for long periods of time because of breed or color or whatever reasons people pass them by. I hope she enjoys her stay at the Chez Denise!
August 29th, 2019  
Wow, good for you. great shot.
August 29th, 2019  
I'm sure Evelyn will be thrilled with her new home! Kudos to you for adopting her.
August 29th, 2019  
Awww - that's a wonderful feel good story. She's a lucky girl and I bet she really appreciates it. She's quite lovely.
August 29th, 2019  
Such a wonderful shot and storey, all been said above :-)
August 29th, 2019  
I think Evelyn is a very lucky dove. She'll have a great life. Nice shot!
August 31st, 2019  
cool eyes
October 5th, 2019  
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