Shades of Brown by lyndemc

Shades of Brown

The recorder: something I've had for many years and still enjoy making the dogs crazy with.
The feather: found on a walk in the campground. Same for the rock and the pinecone.
The rubber ball; purchased because it has giraffe markings and I LOVE giraffes.
The ball with lines: part of a potpourri arrangement.
The leaf pin: a gift from my mom on one of our 365 props shopping excursions. Thanks Mom!
The moth: something that's been sitting in a dish of rocks for years, waiting for the moment to be in a 365 photo.
The shell: sent to me by my oldest son from Virginia Beach
The teasel: used in a previous 365 picture a couple of years back, I think.
The glass ornament: purchased because it was brown, long before I knew about 365.
The giraffe: purchased at Chicago's History Museum years ago.
The "M"; purchased for a Rusty Tuesday picture. (My, I have a lot of stuff because of 365!)
The "Be Thankful": a gift from the Middle Son. Thanks Max!
This is lovely Denise - instant Fav.
November 25th, 2019  
Beautiful... I love the M!
November 25th, 2019  
Wonderful capture. You have such a knack for this type of photography.
November 25th, 2019  
A lovely collection of things to be thankful for.
November 26th, 2019  
Cool composition. Great shot.
November 26th, 2019  
Love your connections to this picture
November 26th, 2019  
Precious things, memories captured!! Thanks for sharing! fav
November 26th, 2019  
this is so stunning and well put together. I like how every item has a special meaning for you. Fav
November 26th, 2019  
Did you miss the stone? I collect stones but maybe that's not a stone?
November 26th, 2019  
Nice collection of memorabilia! Thank you for sharing what their meaning is to you!
November 26th, 2019  
November 26th, 2019  
Oh, how I love this - perhaps especially the explanation for each item. Just beautiful. I love that one of your sons sent you a shell from the beach.
November 30th, 2019  
wonderfully arranged
December 2nd, 2019  
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