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*Thanks everyone for the comments, fav's & follows, in case I don't get around to responding to each one individually*

Based in Dublin, Ireland, started on 365 in January 2016, originally more as a diary thing than anything, and to take pictures as a sort of mood board for painting, drawing and other random craft projects that I had going on, but about two weeks in the penny dropped that I'd found my medium and I've been hooked ever since...

My photos that have made it onto the popular page are here:

I'm hosting the 52 Week Challenge for 2017 - all are welcome to join in at any time, details are here: http://365project.org/discuss/themes-competitions/29105/52-week-challenge

I also like doing month-long challenges...

Abstract August 2017: http://365project.org/m2016/365/2017-08

30 Days Wild 2017: http://365project.org/m2016/365/2017-06

Half & Half Challenge 2017: http://365project.org/m2016/extras/2017-05

Rainbow Challenge 2017: http://365project.org/m2016/extras/2017-03

31 Shots Challenge 2017: http://365project.org/m2016/others/2017-03

Flash Of Red 2017: http://365project.org/m2016/365/2017-02

Month Of Flowers 2016 (personal challenge): http://365project.org/m2016/others/2016-04

Rainbow Challenge 2016: http://365project.org/m2016/others/2016-03