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In August 2019 I reached 3900 photos - but who's counting! Quality not Quantity!
It's 2019 and after 8 years I have posted a photo taken on the day every day. It's always a challenge and a pleasure.
I'll put another photo of myself when I can smile without looking like an idiot!

I have three albums the second one being for a photo that I wanted to keep for that date but not being part of the daily challenge. The third one for overflows.

So many of my friends have stopped posting but initially having deleted them off my f'riends' list, I have decided not to as they do pop up now and then. Some will never come back and that is sad as its like a friendship has ended.

My 365 friends have been real friends and a great support for me when I feel a bit despondant! I say brightly to myself - I have hundreds of friends all round the world!