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I've changed my profile pic and shortened my display name, so please don't freak out. It's still me. Down to three albums I post in now. I was posting to five and sometimes six. I think I was trying to make up for the years I missed between 2012 and 2020. Next year, I may be down to two and the year after that... maybe just one.

A 365 Project friend (from 2012) told me that truly great pictures are taken by the photographer who has an emotional connection with the subject. I live in the country - a rural area - don't get away from home very much, and love my environment - so nearly all of my shots involve nature. I will try to stretch myself with different subjects when ops are available, but I do love the wild things here in the midlands of South Carolina! Does anyone really read these?

When I find something to shoot that's unfamiliar to me, I'll research it (usually by description - then compare images) and post what I've learned. I have just a few (ha ha) identified wildflowers, wild grasses, other plants, lichens, and fungi posted within my albums. Who cares! Right?!

I use Photoshop CS5, but mainly use On1-10 to edit and add effects. I will use InDesign to create collages, album covers and the like. 99 percent of the black and white shots I post have been shot in black and white. I don't like to convert the color because it seems like I'm cheating when I do. Still looking for a newer camera with a few more megapixels that will take more detailed macros - without breaking the bank. Does anyone ever read this far?

All Pinterest FAV boards have been deleted. Too much time, too much controversy to carry on with them. So they're all gone along with all the pinned images. I fought that long hard battle back in 2011 and 2012. Too old and tired to continue.