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Links to my 365er FAV Pinterest boards for those who may want them are listed below. I started pinning the 365er photos I FAV on Pinterest back in 2011. I only pin what the owner says I can pin. I plan to add more to them this year and am in the process of reorganizing with a few more 365er FAV boards. I always ask first, unless the owner has stipulated I can pin anything. Right now, I don't pin everything I FAV. These are the present boards and will update the links if anymore are added. Presently deleting all photos that won't link back to the 365 member.

A 365 Project friend once told me that truly great pictures are taken by the photographer who has an emotional connection with the subject. I live in the country - considered a rural area, don't get away from home very much, and love my environment - so most of my shots involve nature. I will try to stretch myself with different subjects when ops are available, but I do love my wild things here in the midlands of South Carolina! Does anyone really read these?

I freely admit that I am a mediocre photographer at best, but 365 Project challenges me to improve every day and prompts me to show my environment some camera love. I welcome any suggestions to help me take better photos, and I'm thankful for any and all comments. Still refreshing my memory of my cheap little digital's capabilities and limitations since being back at 365. Sometimes, I use my phone too. It seems to take better landscapes and skyscapes than my little digital camera. I admire those who take outstanding photos and will follow! Please call me Mags! Does anyone really read these?

Very interested in taking better photos, especially black and white! Not really interested in photo editing with exception to adding effects. Really want to improve my photos of the woods in general - trying to think outside the box of typical. Also interested in candid people shots - but hard to do in this virus world right now. Does anyone really read these?

I use Photoshop CS5, but mainly use On1-10 to edit and add any effects. I will use InDesign to create collages, album covers and the like. Still looking for a newer camera with a few more megapixels and will take more detailed macros. Does anyone ever read this far?