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2024 Update: Still a lot to learn with On1 Raw 2024. But I'll keep on plugging along as long as I'm able. I miss my old iMac and PS, but I'm NOT doing a subscription for it.

I became a member of 365 Project in September 2011. To edit, I will use the new On1 Raw 2024 on my new iMac, and sometimes PHOTOSHOP CS5 or On1-10 - if my old iMac will start up. Does anyone really read these?

I DO NOT shoot one picture per day every day. I don't have that luxury! I shoot a bunch when I can and pick and choose among them for upload, until I need to shoot more. Right now, I do upload two photos per day (on occasion there may be a few more), and one is always in black and white. And if you've read this far, you're rare. Just call me Mags for short. =)

One more thing... I'm happy to return follows and I'm happy to comment on all the photos of those I follow in the feed - no matter how many they upload per day. I'm really a nice old lady! However, after several days of commenting on someone's photos with no comments on one of mine - I will just assume they don't like my images and I will stop commenting on theirs... which makes me wonder why they followed me in the first place.

A 365 Project friend (from 2012) told me that truly great pictures are taken by the photographer who has an emotional connection with the subject. I live in the country - a rural area - don't get away from home very much (not with these gas prices), and love my environment - so nearly all of my shots involve nature. Still trying for some great photos! I will try to stretch myself with different subjects when ops are available, but I do love the wild things here in the midlands of South Carolina. Does anyone ever read this far?

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