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Down to two albums for posts. I was posting to five and sometimes six. I think I was trying to make up for the years I missed between 2012 and 2020. Next year, I may be down to just one.

I use Photoshop CS5, but mainly use On1-10 to edit and add any effects. I will use InDesign to create collages, album covers and the like. 99 percent of the black and white shots I post have been shot in black and white mode. I don't like to convert the color because it seems like I'm cheating when I do. I've found a newer camera with a few more megapixels and I'll be learning how to use it during 2023. We'll see how it works out. Does anyone really read these?

My images are more like a journal of what grows and how it grows all around me - some are even clinical... ugh. Whatever the case, you get to see a little glimpse of my world - where I live. Sometimes, I dive down a rabbit hole and experiment in Photoshop or On1-10. Who ever lives here after me, probably won't care, but there will be a wealth of information and images!

When I find something to shoot that's unfamiliar to me, I'll research it (usually by description - then compare images) and post what I've learned. I have just a few (ha ha) identified wildflowers, wild grasses, other plants, lichens, and fungi posted within my albums. Who cares! Right?!

A 365 Project friend (from 2012) told me that truly great pictures are taken by the photographer who has an emotional connection with the subject. I live in the country - a rural area - don't get away from home very much (not with these gas prices), and love my environment - so nearly all of my shots involve nature. I will try to stretch myself with different subjects when ops are available, but I do love the wild things here in the midlands of South Carolina! Does anyone ever read this far? Oh well. And if you have read this far, you're rare.

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