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Wow. I remember no.100 to be a milestone! I've not become a better photographer and I've had some hard times. I even quit and rejoined a few times I didn't do much to generate lots of followers and I don't comment myself that often. Still I am here. posting day by day by day by day... It has become some kind of documentary. A glance at my everyday life from a distance. Funny. Well, I see you around :-)
I would miss you if you weren't around
July 18th, 2019  
good going Mr Mek
July 19th, 2019  
Not only a beautiful fiery sky, I can so beautifully relate to what you shared in your caption. There's never a day I'm out without a camera, but I post less and less and am 100% unlikely to leave this friendly community! I most enjoy the images of everyday life, as they're the stories that unite us as well as give a window into our differences...in the nicest way! Thanks for staying around!
July 19th, 2019  
@annied @kali66 @Weezilou thanks. Much appreciated. I’m not going anywhere yet...
July 22nd, 2019  
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