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I was really into photography in high school. I had a wonderful teacher who taught me how to discover and record the wonders of our world.

In ninth grade, I saved my money from a summer job and bought a brand new Nikon FE. It went everywhere with me during the rest of my high school years.

Then gradually real life settled in and my world became mundane. I found no more wonders worth recording. For nearly forty years, my equipment lay unused.

Then recently my wife and I began traveling, and I dusted off my old Nikon and started experimenting again. I soon decided that film was tedious for me, but the instant gratification of digital pulled at me.

I ended up inheriting a Nikon D70 from my mom, then my wife bought me an Olympus TG-6 (which really unlocked a door for me), and I finally rounded things out with a used Nikon D5300 from eBay.

Now I'm taking pictures nearly every day and finally learning to find wonder in everything.