Reminder from the universe  by metzpah

Reminder from the universe

Listened to a podcast that spoke about this book I have had for years but don’t remember ever reading. Maybe time to give it a go?
I tried that book a couple of months ago and hated it. However, I didn’t throw it away, so may try to delve into it again sometime. I did learn one thing: Morning Pages are NOT for me! I nearly died getting up at 5:00 a.m. every day. Hahaha!
November 23rd, 2023  
@juliedduncan I’ve been wanting to have a more diligent writing practice so maybe it will help kick start a habit. 5 am is too too early! 🤪
November 24th, 2023  
@metzpah It will do that! Tbh, every review I've read about this book raves about it. Maybe the solution for me is to write at night instead. Have fun with it! :)
November 24th, 2023  
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