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June 2016 - After 4-1/2 years, thought I'd update. I'm an ex-Yankee (New York) turned retired elementary teacher (37 years) who's fallen in love with photography. I take most of my shots while on my daily walks. Big on staying fit and get in about 7 miles a day. Married, no pets, one daughter, granddaughter, and new great-grandson. Live in a small town in the Ozarks of Arkansas.
I've never been involved in something that I've enjoyed as much as this site. I look forward each evening to seeing the fascinating shots everyone has posted - and read the comments on my efforts. Although I don't stop and say thanks like I should, I do visit each of your sites and enjoy commenting on your pictures. I appreciate every word that is written. I'm finally venturing (occasionally) from my nature-only focus.

I also keep a share site at https://throughthelensoflanie'scamera2018.shutterfly.com

Links to my shots that made it to the PP page - thank you all!