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2015 update - I was here a year ago but didn't visit for a while, so my original album was deleted. Quite heartbreaking. I've finally decided to give this another go. A lot has happened since then, good and bad - I started a wonderful new job this summer but unexpectedly lost my dad just a few weeks later. Perhaps doing a 365 album again will be therapeutic. In any case, it'll keep me busy. //

About me... I live in central Florida, work as a manager for a health insurance company (on the finance side). I do mostly reporting and analytics, so as a way to get away from all those numbers I deal with all day long, I indulge in several hobbies. I love to crochet, play music (violin and piano) and a slew of other things I don't have time to do. I also love ducks and wildlife in general, sunsets and storm clouds. And I love to take pictures (obviously), although I don't have any fancy equipment, just a point-and-shoot digital camera (Lumix) and a pretty good cell phone camera. Hopefully that's good enough for this project.

Enjoy the pics. :-)