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Its about time I upgraded my profile and filled in the blanks. I live in Redcliffe QLD which is just north of Brisbane Australia. I've always liked photography and decided to get a DSLR. it was a second hand one the Nikon D3300 just to see if I'd like it. I found travelling around in my caravan just using a mobile phone didn't really cut it. Now I've got to learn to use The DSLR and that why I'm on this site to see how others do it so well. I've upgraded since and got a D500. I found that there were other benefits you can get with other lens so its been a real learning curve.
now its about 10 months since I've joined and hearing the positive feed back is great but I won't to learn more so I appreciate any positive critiquing.
The early part of my life I lived in Sydney then moved to the country a place called Coopernook after travelling the world for nearly 3 years.
Things changed in my life and I decided to travel north and live in Brisbane where its warmer, about the same temperature as Florida without the hurricanes. Now the 365 challenge is somewhat pushing me into areas of photography and I need to learn how to use software to enhance the photos. So I'm hoping to pick up some tricks that others are able to..