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I’ve never posted any bio information so thought I’d add a little something. I started 365 back in 2011 and completed the first couple of years and then some. Then I took a major break, though I could never quite give up my membership and never put away my camera. I enjoy 365 so much and have met so many great & talented people from all over the world. So each time I got that email saying my membership was about to be deleted due to inactivity I’d be sure to post something. That means some very sporadic posts for a long time.
Now I’m retired, have lots more free time and want to give it another go. I live in Massachusetts, USA, have 2 grown sons and 2 grandchildren. My partner, Larry, and I love to travel so I’m looking forward to lots more photo ops !

Link to my photos on the popular page (thank you Alexis):