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Update 2023:...Year N°9! I'm doing fine, but there are. many gaps in my project, due to "life". 😊

Update 2022:... Year N°8! Trying to offer something different everyday. Combining photography, digital art and journaling.

Update 2021:...Year N°7! Since this is my seventh year in the 365 project, and since this is "my project" I openend my "credo" a bit. I allow myself to go back in time, and relook into pictures, that didn't get a treatment then, but mean something to me. I'm not sure yet, if I do it on a fixed day, or just random. Also I would like to start a series unter the title "bench" and probably one with the theme "lost things". Let's see,... what happens. And I need to take part in the rainbow month challenge!

Update 2020: ...going on as up to now...

Update 2019: ...going on as up to now... and beeing a bit braver in leaving my comfort zone. Since this is my fifth year in the project, and since this is my project I added a new rule for me. I allow myself to post pictures also from max 5 days back, if I am not able to have one for the day. I will mark them as Joker Pictures: 2019 used 5/365
And scrape together more time, to comment on other's photos.

Update 2018: ...going on as up to now...

Update 2017: I try to have a more relaxed regime in posting. I have extended the ace membership and I'm sure that I will look at all your beautiful photos from time to time and travel virtually a bit around the world.

Update 2016: After finishing a year without gap or filler end of December 15, I was trying to have a resting period in the 365project,… to concentrate on my real social life, finishing my job (and finding a new one) and doing other things figuring on my ballooning to-do-list.

But I did not give up the habit, of making pictures every day. But it is not the same without you dear 365 community. Already after a few days I missed this positive place, the inspiration of all those great people and the always so kind interaction with you. So I post again, but try to do it in a more relaxed way, and use less words. So, as far as possible, I will participate as actively as I can.
I know, the project-monster eats a lot of time, but it's time that is filled with beauty, meaning and good people.

2015: Thanks for stopping by… and thank you for your willingness to view and comment on my photos. I do appreciate it very much!

I live in Central Switzerland and love nature and independent travel. Since a long time I have been interested in photography and have always loved capturing moments and love to be touched by other people photographs. I thought it would be a great motivation to join 365project, to have a little positive pressure keeping my perspective not only on my everyday and workday life.
But besides that, I'm having trouble sharing my photos. So my 2015 New Year's resolution is to be bolder and to learn from different opinions, advices, tips, and constructive criticism.

I will respond to questions and occasional comments that invite a response, but mostly instead of individual thanks, I use the limited time to visit, view, and comment on your photos in return.

And by the way: English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.