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A little about myself, my name is Óli Lindenskov, and I live in Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands, I love taking pictures, and do many photo trips with friends and in our photo club Fokus

I have done many photo tours for tourists who come here and see our beautiful islands

The Faroe Islands are 18 islands and people live on 17 islands, and we get between the islands with ferries and have a bridge between the largest islands, and several tunnels as well, and 4 underwater tunnels, about 55,000 people live here, fish and salmon are the largest export up here, has an airport, and there are flights to Denmark. Norway. Iceland. Scotland. Ireland. Barcelona. Paris. Gran Canaria. Majorca, and soon to the USA as well, with a ferry sailing to Denmark and Iceland and the Faroe Islands every week.

Has had several exhibitions in Smiðjan in lítlivík. Tórshavn.
Camera: Canon M. Canon R 10
Iphone 14 pro
Website. http://www.nemmehjemmesider.dk/side/Lindenskov/index.asp?loadContent=640384