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Had heard about 365 from my niece, who had used it to help push herself to do more and thought it would be a good experience to go through myself. So here I am. Wanting to push myself, learn and be inspired by others as well. Looking forward to where the journey takes me and really interested to see what a year of photos will end up looking like.

I live in Mildura, Victoria, Australia, in a lovely farming area that grows a heap of things like grapes, oranges, asparagus etc.

Sunday 29.01.23 - 3 to 4 weeks in.
The simple joy that I have brought into my life from starting this endeavour, going out and about every day taking photos, learning, looking at things, stopping and seeing more than I normally would, as well as asking complete strangers if I can take photos of their date palms (yes seriously), driveways, goats, is fabulous, liberating almost. I am loving every moment of it. The peace of standing on a levee wall for a few hours on sunset, waiting for the right light, listening to the cockatoos, parrots and wind whistling through the different trees as you meander along, soul satisfying. Walking along channels smelling the fennel pollen and citrus blossoms, magic. It brings such peace and beauty to my soul, having spent these moments out and about, seeing, feeling and being happy. At this moment I can’t want for more - okay maybe a lotto win.