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2024 - I’ve been wanting to pick up 365 again for a while, but have perhaps been looking at it the wrong way. I don’t often get the chance to carry a “proper” camera these days but recently I got to wondering if it isn’t better to capture moments with just my phone rather than put so much pressure on about taking “the” perfect photo! So here come some pictures - warts and all! x


Total enthusiastic amateur.......I love taking photos and I love looking back on old photos. I'm really looking forward to learning lots of new things, trying stuff I've never done before and hopefully ending up with some great pictures and perhaps being a better photographer!

I live in Hampshire, in the UK with hubby and daughter (just 8), I've been working in Southampton for only nine months after 25 years in London, so this is a great opportunity to get out and get to know my new "work City" just a little bit better too. For now it's winter, with record rainfall here in the UK, so lots of indoor close up shots to start with!

So, now it's August and I feel an update coming on. In recent weeks work has been full on and keeping up has been hard. I nearly quit, but since I started this project for me alone I really want to keep it going. There are a number of fillers and I know that some of you would feel that is unacceptable in your projects, but I work full time at the day job, and have Little D to spend time with (who features in many of my snaps) and I'm learning bucket loads about my camera, I'm not seeking to be a pro, just a bit more proficient.... so I'm happy.

I love the camaraderie on the 365 project. I value every single view, comment and especially the FAVS, and if I never say thank you to you individually then I'm sorry......but I really really do thank you!!

Another update - a year and a bit on from the first shots, and I have "gone" full frame. Thanks to the wonderful @steampowered and @padlock for their encouragement (and company to the camera store!) Bob is the name of my new friend, a Canon 5D Mark III. His arrival has coincided with a crazy busy time at work so I'm doing what a can, and I still drop in everyday to look at your fabulous shots to inspire me, make me smile and brighten the days. Even if I don't post or comment……..x

Oh look it's 2015 and year three has started. I was a bit AWOL in 2014, work has been rather frantic and it still is, but the discipline of taking a shot is good. So apologies for a bit of a backfilled January, but onward for another year of learning. Thank you for all your comments, or even just for looking! x