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February 2016: Starting a new project again after a long break and some failed attempts. Let see if I can last a year this time ;)

November 2014: Starting fresh again! Last few months have been pretty hectic combining my new fulltime job with school. But I realised that I need to do things that I like, to let go of the stress of the day and have some fun. So started the project again. Trying to take a picture everyday, but no pressure, just fun!

August 2014: I'm starting fresh! A new project 365 starting today :). Year 2 didn't go as planned, life got in the way, so had a nice break and am ready to give it another go! This year is a going to be a though one though. Starting my new full time job in a week and back to school in Septembre. So not much spare time, but I'll manage :) It's all about having fun, and learning new things. Bring it on!!

28 December 2013: I finished year 1 2,5 months ago with only one gap (I just forgot to take a picture that day), and decided to continue into year 2, since I love photography and want to develop more. Since September I'm back in school 2 nigths a week and working 25 hours a week, so it's a big change. 365 got a bit sidetracked for a while, but I continued taking a shot every day. I'm still catching up on uploading. And by now I found a good rhytme for commenting, processing and uploading, hopefully it stays this way :P
Halfway through the year I bought Lightroom and absolutely love to edit with it, I even switched to raw only. I'm still shooting with my NikonD5100 and use A-mode mainly, occaisionally I use S or manual, but I still have a lot to learn!

31 january 2013: After 3,5 months of this project i'm so hooked to photography and bought my first DSLR yesterday, am so happy with it :D

1 december 2012: After 46 days I'm realising the project is more of a challenge then i thought. because everyday live is working fulltime, which means i leave home when its just starting to get light and i get home when its been dark for over an hour (and there is even less daylight the next month). So during the week i usaully have to take a shot after work which is a struggle sometimes! But it also means im more motivated to take outside shots in the weekend! Everywere i go i see picture oppertunities now and i even got my mother started (@mozie), and she is doing great, so if you have time, check her out!

16 October 2012: After a year of travelling around the world an seeing some amazing and beautifull things, the thought of going home seemed a bit boring. So it was time for something to make that life more interessting. Over the past year i develloped a passion for photography and just now i'm starting to learn how i can take great shots instead of the standerd basic ones. I still have a lot to learn and see this as a great oppertunity to experiment and learn! I also want to show (myself) that a year after travelling can be interesting as well. And already after 2 days i'm starting to notice that i pay more attention to my surroundings and look for insperation for my next great shot. The first few shots of my project are from Vancouver, the city that i called home for 6 months. Now i'm living with my mom close to the north in the Netherlands. I'm 24 years old and am probably going back to school in September.

My get pushed challenges:
- Golden hour
- Portrait
- Big structure from an interesting pov
- Selfie
- Local building
- Long exposure
- Intentional cameramovement
- Body part
- B&W texture
- Abstract