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It seems I have been going around 18 months and have yet to put any words in this box!!

Photography has always been an interest for me, although I did pause for a while swapping all my cameras and developing equipment for my first car (MG). I came back to camera ownership in later life, but it was restricted to family life, holidays etc.. Now having retired it seemed I needed a hobby, so it was natural I picked up a camera again. I set off to Iceland with a new camera a few years ago and now (as my wife will testify) I rarely go anywhere without it.

I don't really have a favourite topic, I just attack what is in front of me and try to learn and improve as I go. 365 has been (and continues to be) fun and I am grateful for being encouraged to join.

Thanks for all the comments from my followers, I try to get around to keeping up with everyone else but sometimes time just disappears.....