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Jan 4/19
I've got some decision to make...

Jan 27/18
It's a new year and I'm still here! Have a fabulous day!


Jan 9/17
Now that I am into my 3rd year here, I am still amazed by the numerous and inspiring photos on this site. I don't always have time to comment on your projects, but I do appreciate viewing them daily. This year I'm not posting everyday and will enjoy a little more freedom to do other things. I continue to capture the world around me (in Nova Scotia) and look forward to traveling the world through your project.

I had two images hit the Top Twenty and was thrilled beyond belief. Here they are if you want to have a look: http://365project.org/novab/365-year-2/2016-04-14 https://365project.org/novab/365-year-3/2017-05-02

Here is my top image from my 2nd year at 365: http://365project.org/novab/365-year-2/2016-10-16

Popular images: nb-pp-16
Trending images: nb-tp-16

Nov 28/15
I start my 2nd year today and excited to continue being part of this amazing community of talented people. Let the picture taking continue!!!! :)

Here are my top image from the first year at 365: http://365project.org/novab/365/2015-08-17

Some of my popular photos:

Hi, I’m Nova and I like to take pictures. 
Living on the east coast of Canada and being a person who prefers the warmer temperatures, this winter will be a challenge for me to step outside and enjoy the world a little more. I love taking pictures to capture moments in my family’s life and I enjoy trying to look for the beauty in the things around me.
A friend of mine encouraged me to start this project, so I’m going to try my best. I hope you enjoy some of my images, as I have been inspired by many of the talented people on this site.

May 31/15 - 50% done
Well, here I am at the 50% mark in my photo journey. Lots have changed in my life over the past 6 months. I lost a job I really loved, then turned to photography to fill the void in my day (got a new job 2 weeks ago). I received the gift of my Nikon camera, from my hubby, in January and since then I received a macro lens too. I’ve taken more pictures in the past 6 months that I have in the years before. I always enjoyed taking pictures, but now I look at the world a little differently and notice so many more things now.

I am so happy that I joined 365 and taking this journey with such a wonderful group of talented people. I am inspired daily by all of your images and it makes me want to continue to learn and improve.

I am so very thankful for all your positive comments & FAVs and when one of my photos makes it onto the TP or PP page I am tickled pink! It has been a wonderful 1st half and I look forward to an exciting 2nd half.