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I’m a keen amateur photographer and have been that for many years now.
In 2010 I did a 365 project, from January 1st 2010 to December 31st 2010. It was fun but demanding at times but I managed to post at least one picture every single day of 2010.
Now I want to repeat the challenge. It might not be very creative every day as I can remember from 2010, but I'll get a shot done everyday. I recently changed to mirrorless with Canon EOS M50. I like the camera, the size and weight. I used to travel along 10kg of gear, but not any more. I'll probably also use my phone at times. It depends Wish me luck.

I’d appreciate comments on my entries but don’t feel obliged to do so though. I'm not too good at commenting unfortunately, but I'll try from time to time.

I created an album for my 2010 project
I'm uploading the pictures to this there, but some of my days have several pictures, so I just chose the one I like best

I also created albums called Random Images and Projects, no structure or plan whatsoever so far. Some days I like to share more than one picture, so I’m using those albums. I might add another album, but I'll still use my 365 album continuously, and hopefully I'll manage one more year.