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2023: and I am back again. Many photos taken in between but I now feel the need to motivate myself by taking and editing at least one decent photo per day. My latest photos, whilst better than before my DSLR camera have deteriorated to "snaps" rather than "considered" photos. I'm hoping to improve.....again!

2020: I am a super keen amateur, hobbyist "photographer" (in the loosest possible terms!) I only ever used a point and shoot until I retired, then in November 2018 I got my first ever DSLR camera and started my proper photographic journey. I made the decision right from the start not to use the Auto setting....and so began my long and sometimes frustrating learning curve! I joined a free online photography course (A Year with my Camera) which started in January 2019 and never looked back. This superb course is now finished and I have a good understanding of my camera and its controls. This doesn't mean I'm proficient at taking good photos but I practice every day and enjoy this hobby so much. I may never take photos as good as others on here but seeing them gives me something to aim for.