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I would love to post a picture every day, but I have a lot going on which makes it hard. I have tried Project 365 several times over the years, and never kept up my momentum. That said, I would always like to do better. I originally started this project to try to push my photography; now I am hoping to keep myself interested, curious, and able to see things in different ways. I am continually amazed by the high quality and originality of so many of the photographers in this group, and that is certainly an inspiration.

Professionally, I am a writer and editor specializing in canine and equine subjects. I am also involved in dog rescue and sometimes volunteer as a photographer for local animal shelter and rescues. I do some fostering for Pointer Rescue Organization, a group that saves English Pointers, and I live with 13 dogs, 19 horses, four cats and one boyfriend on a horse farm in South Carolina. The animals always make good photography subjects, as does the farm and all our wonderful wildlife, so I have no excuses!

Follow me and I will follow you back! Thanks for looking and I appreciate any comments (and Favs!) you can give me. I will try to return the favor.