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I thought it was about time I wrote something about myself. It's day 108 on my 365 journey and I have loved every moment so far! Not only is this a great challenge and a wonderful place to be inspired by so many brilliant photographers, it has the most friendly and supportive community! I feel I am making so many friends who are actually interested in photography and who are generous in sharing their knowledge! So a big thank you to you all!
I am a Londoner and worked in the City of London as a Bank Manager in Corporate Banking until I took early retirement a few years ago. I bought my first DSLR and decided I would learn how to use it properly!
I had my first camera at about 12 - a Kodack Instamatic and from that time always took all the family photos. I had a few cameras over the years and just loved taking shots of anything! I have always loved wildlife but never had the right equipment to get good shots.
I went on my first photography course not long after I retired and was told to take the camera off auto! I have not looked back. I love my camera and being able to capture shots I am proud of makes me very happy!
I now use a Canon 5D Mark 11 and have many lenses from my 50mm f1.2 to my 100-400mm f1.4. As you all know it is a very expensive hobby! I have sold a number of photos and am very proud to say I have a few of my prints on the walls in East Surrey Hospital. The real money is in weddings but that is something I tried and hated! I do love taking portraits but find it hard to practice as my family all hide their faces when I get the camera out!
I didn't do much photography last year as I had got my first dog Finlay and I found it impossible to take good shots when I was out with him! A friend Phillip Chilton introduced me to the 365 project on January 1st this year and I decided to have a go to see if I could motivate myself again!
As I have already said I am loving it and I put this down to you all for being so welcoming and supportive. I feel my photography had been revitalized! A big thank you to you all!
I now live in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire where I moved a couple of years ago to be near my family.