You've lost your marbles by pandorasecho

You've lost your marbles

My Dad made my brothers and I our own marble game boards when we were children, and although he has been dead 18 years, the gift still lingers and gets a lot of use.
A nice pastime that I'm sure bring good memories.
July 13th, 2015  
And now there's a new generation that will be enjoying those games too!
July 14th, 2015  
Looks like a modified Chinese Checkers game.
July 14th, 2015  
No @cirasj more like "trouble". You have four marbles in your base, and that is the line of four coming from each corner. You roll a dice and if you get a 1 or six you can move or take a man out of the base. a6 also lets you roll again.your first placement is the lower left hole on the squared section left of your base. Then each roll you move around the track, trying to get home on an exact count. Home being the line of four inside the square, just to the right of your first placement. If you land exactly on one of those six grey holes inside the board, at the point, you can take the shortcut and travel around the inner ring. If anyone else lands exactly on your marble, you get sent home, often while on the shortcut, or just before you get home as you take turn after turn trying to get the number you need to enter home.
July 14th, 2015  
@pandorasecho Sounds like a fun game.
July 14th, 2015  
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