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Seven guys working as a team, each posting once a week on a given day. Some of us are 365project veterans, some of us are newbies – all of us are looking to take some photos, have some fun, challenge ourselves, and get involved in what is a great site and community!

Running order is:

Sunday: Stu @joeboo
Monday: Paul L @theboxmanreturns
Tuesday: Lee
Wednesday: Tom @tomo87
Thursday: Kev @snaggy
Friday: Paul D
Saturday: Roland

Stu @joeboo

After a brief dabble with film photography back in my youf, I started shooting again in early 2013, initially using nothing more than a camera phone on 365 (mostly just to annoy Kev). Bitten by the bug shortly thereafter, I begrudgingly admitted that I needed more control than a smart phone permits, bucked convention and moved on to a Sony Translucent Mirror Camera (A37) and a variety of ancient Minolta lenses (mostly just to annoy Kev). Bitten once again in early 2015 – and quite nastily in the wallet on this occasion – I now use a Sony A77ii with a couple of half decent lenses added to the bag. And a tripod. Oh yes, a tripod. Lugging an old Manfrotto A058 around the countryside has helped keep me fit, is the reason I list to starboard, and has taught me one of life’s lessons – “always read the spec before you commit to buy!”


In amongst the madness of a busy family life with two sporty young boys and a badly behaved Golden Retriever, I try to find time to take photographs! Photography was always something that I was quite interested in. Then someone bought me a Nikon D3100 and I was hooked! Now trying to take a good photo’s has become a major part of my (not so) free time!!
I am the last one on the beach now (family often waiting in the car), looking for the perfect shot. I no longer travel light on a walk (too much gear!). I’ve upgraded now to a Nikon D7000 and am going to challenge myself with the Project 365. I’m my worst critic but photography is now my biggest passion and my wife says I do ok! So here’s to the next year of photographs and pushing my comfort zone further.

Tom @tomo87

Somewhere in 2013 after approximately 2 seconds thought, I committed to my first 365 project. Baptism of fire, though I did complete it and learnt a lot. Originally shooting on a Canon 550d I progressed to my now aging but still trusty 7D. Here I am again attempting another year, posting once a week. I'll give any type of shots a go; panoramas ,landscapes, sports, astro... probably with slightly varied results!

If you've enjoyed following our project as much as we've enjoyed (and still do) being a part of the 365 community, try checking out our new blog. We decided we enjoyed 365 and wanted somewhere else to post more varied but combined work, which 365 didn't quite fit with. @tomo87 @snaggy and @joeboo are blogging on pasttheirprime.co.uk so drop by and throw us a comment or two. It'd be great to see people getting involved.

Kev @snaggy

Did a 365 on this site in 2013, loved it, and learnt loads. Then joined the @se7en team with a great bunch of photographers, posting once a week and enjoyed it even more. That, at least for me, sadly folded after eight months, and I’m now happy to be starting again in a new team, as there’s been something missing photography-wise.
I shoot Canon, initially a 7D, but now a 5DMkIII and harp on incessantly about how good Canon are (just to annoy Stu). I have a preference for landscape and architecture photography, but 365 taught me to shoot just about anything (cos you have to!). Bring it on (again)!

Paul D

I've been a keen photographer since the age of 7 when I inherited my Dad's Box Brownie. I tried desperately to become a wildlife photographer using this camera, mainly in and around Pembrokeshire, and still have my early prints. These range from images of small blurry blobs to quite large blurry blobs. Luckily my God Father got hold of me, told me I needed a better camera and spent a lot of time with me showing me how to use his Nikkormat cameras and lenses. I saved up my paper round money and purchased my first SLR when I was 11'ish (Praktica PLC3). Over the next 30 something years I owned various different makes and models of camera until realising that it's not the equipment which takes the photo but the pink thing 6 inches behind it. My favourite types of image are Architectural, Wildlife and Landscape. I recently inherited my God Father's camera gear, which is all film stuff, and I've been enjoying a bit of a film revival. I'm looking forward to the next 365 days and hope to learn more and to pass on stuff I've learnt.

Paul L aka Shady @theboxmanreturns

New Camera – Old Body. Aptly sums me up, in that I have just purchased a Sony A7ii and that I can now get discounted tickets. I spent the best part of 2013 on 365 – this time I will only be posting once rather than 7 times a week which I'm hoping will give more time to learn some new techniques and get my new camera out of Auto!