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Spanish 29 years old guy that loves photography and Nokia (as objects, of course I love as well girlfriend, family, friends...etc). Pharmacist working at Jaca (Huesca, Spain)

Using my Nokia 9 Pureview, Lumia 950XL, 1020, 808 Pureview and N8 to post pics here, sometimes other mobiles are welcomed here also :) . Enjoy! And if you want, follow me on Twitter: @petaqui or Flickr ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/petaqui ) where I post pics took with my Canon EOS 450D and 6D

Some people may think that why I do the photos with my Nokia having a DSLR. The fact is that it is a challenge, because the camera of this phones are really amazing (of course does not reach the height of the reflex, but in many pictures has the same quality, such as one taken in daytime), and if you can take good pictures , or at least decent, under difficult conditions (low light for example) with a camera that makes things more difficult at that time, you know better then take all the power that gives you a Reflex camera. So welcome and welcome to this personal challenge, and enjoy all te power and quality that can gives my mobile cameras, and even more if you compare with other phone-cameras.

7-2-2013: I realized that I'm not satisfied with what I'm doing (talking about photography), I'm getting lazy day by day, taking worse pictures...and I don't want that, I want to go better and better. So I'll try to take my best outside of me :)

19-5-2013: I realized that I improved a lot my pic a day...but the last month I became lazy again :( And I want to get the spirit back, so lets GO! I want to o back to those days with amazing shots.

22-12-2014: Back to the project with better shots and feeling better full of energy!

27-2-2016 I have a lot of pics to upload from previous days, I wanted to do this project day by day during the 2016, but sometimes it's impossible :( I'm uploading all pics now until now!

01-10-2016 Back again!

18-10-2016 Two new toys added to the family :D Mavic Pro and Sony HX90V, so cool!

More: http://365.petaqui.com or http://www.petaqui.com