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On we go into Year 6; I must admit to saying I'm surprised that I've managed to continue with this, not because of disinterest but because of life getting in the way. I've not managed to take and post a photograph each day, and probably never will because, as I've said, sometimes life just gets in the way, but I've managed to put something up for each day.

What 365Project has also done is taken my photography skills to a whole new level; that I'm now doing AYWMC also is helping that growth, but it's this that has improved me as a photographer.

it also helps that I've been joined for the entire time by @carole_sandford and we finally after all these year together have something that we both share and both love; it results more often than not in the same photograph being uploaded (we go to the same places together) but hopefully not too often.

Thank you to all my followers for sticking with me, looking at my efforts and providing much appreciated feedback on them; it all helps.

Now in my sixties, still ex HM Forces, still living in Lincolnshire, UK.

Thanks to the views, comments and Favs from very kind people, I'm fortunate to have had some of my humble offerings make the Popular Page; Thank you. https://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=phil_sandford

A few have somehow baffled the algorithyms and made the Top Twenty; https://365project.org/tags/prstt