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Outdoorsy, nature loving, mother of a 1 year old. Now in my 11th year of 365!

I rarely get chance to use my camera anymore so my project for now is phone snaps only but I would like to pick up my proper camera again in the not too distant future.

2012: I had thought about taking part in the 365 challenge for years but always worried that I wouldn't be able to keep it up and would struggle to find something photo worthy each day!
I decided to have a go at in in 2012 and I actually achieved it - I took a photo every day for each of the 366 days and didn't use a single filler (though that meant I uploaded plenty of bad photos!).

2013: I didn't worry too much about taking a photo every single day and allowed a few fillers, but limited this to within a week of the date they're uploaded to, and finished year 2 with 304 photos taken on the day and 61 fillers. I've learned quite a lot here and seen some fantastic photographs and places...

2014: I did 365 properly again and did not use any fillers. It's become a habit now! I'm a bit addicted and I love how this project encourages me to go out to play on days when I wouldn't bother if I didn't need a photo!

2015: I completed Year 4, without fillers, combining 365 with 30 Days Wild in June and then what became 366 Days Wild after that... at the end of 2015 I am 7 months into a Wild Year, due to complete at the end of May 2016.

2016: I finished my 365 Days Wild challenge at the end of May and then did another 30 Days Wild in June! Another no-cheating year; a daily photo has just become habit now!

2017: My sixth year here done :)

2018: Seven years done!

2019: Another year completed without any fillers. Thinking I might as well aim for ten years worth of 365 now eh?!!

2020: I lost the video making software I used to use and having had a baby this year which threw life into turmoil, never managed to find something else. Ending the year with a small baby and lingering post natal depression, I'm ready to give up on 365 but I've given up so much of my pre-motherhood self already and I really would like to complete that 10th year in 2021!

2021: Tick! A whole decade of 365 completed! I managed to do 2 other challenges this year too - Walk 1000 Miles (1152 miles walked in total) and 1000 Hours Outside (managed 884 hours).
I really struggle for time nowadays and can't spend anywhere near as much time on 365 as I'd like to browsing and commenting but having done it for so long, do I want to give it up... year 11 beckons?!