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Hi - this is now the start of my eighth year with the 365 project - and it's amazing how quickly the time has flown. I live on the Gold Coast and in Stanthorpe - both in Queensland Australia.

I no longer use my Cannon SX620 HS. The camera in my pocket is now a Sony DSC-TX30 - a tiny, extraordinary, underwater camera. I am also the proud owner of a NikonD70 which has been converted to Infra Red - and which I have no real idea of how to use to its full potential.....
365 is still a part of my life but I am finding it harder to be consistent with my uploads. My apologies for sometimes uploading 3 or more photos at one time - just to catch up.

Many thanks to all the 365 members who have made my first seven years so rewarding. I have really appreciated our interactions, your comments, your friendship and your help!