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Just got a new (second hand) camera and my friend has put me onto the 365 challenge. I live in beautiful Cornwall but also spend as much time as I can in the mountains of eastern Spain.... so I'm hoping to have lots of good photo opportunities.

I've signed up for the Get Pushed Challenges and will add the details of the challenges here:-
A photo/s that depicts Spain
photo/s that might capture a bit of Cornwall's loveliness

Popular page and trending page Photos
Wow... just got on the popular and trending pages with Roo and her reflection chuffed :)
http://365project.org/browse/popular - didn't paste link properly
Another popular one... Stormy weather... 20/08/2016
Grendle proved popular... Feeling chuffed again :) http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-08-21 - grendle
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-08-22 - Gull
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-08-23 - st Michael's mount and seagull
In flight.... Seagull. 29th August 2016
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-09-20 - salty pp & tp
http://media.365project.org/1/6603784_gjmqrtvxz5_l.jpg low tide trending page
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-09-21 - lighthouse and swan. TP
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-09-29 - My Girl
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-10-03 - Big sea
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-10-05 - Accidental Roo
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-10-10 - Biblical sunset
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-10-18 - seaglass, roo and the mount
http://media.365project.org/1/6636621_gjlqyz0147_l.jpg - Roo a photo by fellow 365-er Catherine of my girl - don't want to forget this photo!
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-10-27#post-comment - Sea reflections
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-11-02 - the dance - on pp and tp
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-11-06 - splash - tp & pp
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-11-07 - lands end - tp
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-11-11 - saying goodbye - tp
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-11-14 - hedgehog - tp & pp
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-11-16 - seaglass marble tp& pp
http://365project.org/rubyshepherd/365/2016-11-29 - what I found on the beach today