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I'm from Tulbagh, Western Cape, South Africa. Tulbagh is a small farming community.

Get Pushed Challenge: I have been doing this challenge on and off almost since it started. I use the tag salza_gp ( http://365project.org/tags/salza_gp )
Since I live in such a small community and work predominantly with animals I do not do many photos involving people or portraits. Any challenge that has anything to do with people (selfies included) may get refused, so please rather don't challenge me on those (thanking you in advance).

A little bit about me and my project - I completed my first year and did not use any fillers! I'm now just having fun learning all about the capabilities of my camera and how I can use them. I feel I have come a fair way since beginning my journey.

This is how my bio looked when I joined: "I have a camera that seldom gets used - such a waste! I'm a real novice when it comes to taking photographs. I decided that perhaps by committing to this project I will make a concerted effort to learn how to use said camera. Plus I have received some major inspiration from a friend, Bonnie (@kloud) who has been doing this project for a few months." Unfortunately Bonnie passed away in 2012 and her albums are no longer available on 365.

Time for an update (June 2012) - I'm more than two thirds of the way through now, and have upgraded my camera to a DSLR (and loving it). I am still slightly daunted by it but I am slowly getting to grips with all it is capabilities!

Next update January 2014 - I'm now in my third year on 365, still love being here and I'm still posting almost everyday. I have had a few days when I've not picked up the camera and have posted a filler. I have a policy of not individually thanking folks who comment on one of my pictures. I would rather spend the time looking at others albums. I do however try to answer any question that is asked. I do really appreciate each and every one of you that visit. I read and enjoy every comment.

2015 update - I have been trying to hone my photoshop skills this year. It is both enjoyable and very frustrating.

2016 Update - still learning new things about post processing and all the different effects that there are out there. Still not doing any people or street photography.

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