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I am living in Bloemfontein South Africa. I am a keen photographer. I am keeping track of the country where followers live and in this way I do "travel" a lot and learn.

I would love photographers to give their opinion of each photo. Please do say crop, more light, watch out for the background, etc.... In this way we learn to watch out for negative objects in our photos. We do want to improve our photos. By giving an opinion on a photo does not mean you do have to give it in such a way to hurt feelings. It is nice to get Fav, beautiful, nice, etc. I also belong to Fotoskool here in South Africa. You will find them on the web. The do get negative comments with good reason. One might feel "bad" after reading the comment but with a second look at your photo, you will see how to improve and the reason why the comment was made. I think one is to scared to give your real impression and to hurt feelings. Placing photos is a way to improve your skills and build friendships. Thanks for all the friends and comments.

My "Get pushed"challenges....I am willing to do any challenge except SELFIES. Ones done please check sylvia365-gp photos.