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Reviewing where I am after hoping to complete a full 365 in 2018 and failing, I have put all the photographs into one album, so I do not lose them if I stop being a Pro. Thinking about it I realised how much I miss the blog aspect - the photo from the day telling me what I was doing when and the challenges, so would like to continue, but don't think I can justify staying pro. In 2018 I completed January and February, then was assaulted on 28 February, which rather complicated life, particularly as I returned to work in April, too early for my injuries and wasn't able to go out in the sun all year, which in gloriously hot sunny 2018 was a challenge.

This is my third account on here. I completed a couple of 365s: one on here from part way through 2011 and into 2012, another on Flickr from 2012-13 when I was working locally and/or out of work, but came away as I found I was spending too much time. I started again to support someone I knew locally onto the site, but allowed the two previous accounts to lapse. Working full time with several hours of commuting a day I got as far as September 2014 attempting a January to December 365, but work took over. I tried again in 2015 and 2017, partly to learn new cameras, and in 2018 because I had left the job that was taking all my time, only to return to the same damn job for 4 months from April when the person I handed over at the end of October left The next person I handed over to in July left in December, but as I am now caring I cannot go back this time. I have been sort of here, mostly keeping the account open in the hope that I will have time to do this again.

I'm also on Flckr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/12323897@N04 - but am planning to prune that account back to sharing photos for another group and to showcase a handful of photos.

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