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I've been chewing on the idea of starting a 365 Project for a while now. This summer I've upgraded my telephoto lens from the kit lens that came with my camera 2 years ago to one that has IS, USM, and the UD glass that tempers chromatic aberration. This has made all the difference in the world! I can now be excited about downloading and viewing my photos. Even tho I've had my camera for 2 years, it feels like I can finally start to learn to take really good photos. And so I've decided it's time to finally start my Project.

My favorite subjects so far have been seashore-type birds, water, sunsets and sunrises, the moon, flowers and other outdoors subjects. I've recently wanted to expand my horizons and venture out beyond my comfort zone. With the announcement that my first grandbabies will be here this winter (yes, plural - twins!!!) I definitely need to start learning to photograph people, and photograph them indoors - a huge learning curve for me! Sharpness is also a skill that needs improvement. Any and all suggestions are more than welcome on any of my shots. I'm here to learn! And I'm definitely looking forward to becoming part of this community!