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6 years and I keep coming back! What a great project full of great people!

After 505 days, I think it's time to change my bio! I can't say enough about this project. When I started I was a snap happy point-and-shooter...constantly shooting macro bugs and flowers. Today I'm a snap happy dslr(er)...constantly shooting just about anything! Thanks to the amazing people on this site I've developed a better eye, learned to use Lightroom and have seen the world through other peoples lenses.

When I reached my 365 goal, I thought I would slow down. I tried..I can't.

Feb 6 2011 *
Just a lady from the Toronto, Ontario Canada area that is getting to know a new camera!
I have 2 teenagers that avoid the camera at all costs, a husband that does the same, a cat that won't sit still for me and a 9 yr old, blind shih-tzu...who can't see the camera in his face. Perfect :)