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Hallo dear people,
Several times I tried to start again with this project in the last few years...but didn’t succeed! But now I started with analogue photography I thought it would be great to share these pictures in this lovely community! ....so that's why I join back in today. Not a picture every day but regularly (is the plan 😆) The camera and film I use are mentioned in every post.

Also instagram @analogsjouk

I live in The Netherlands, in a small village in the north. Working as a massage-therapist, and Zhineng Qigong instructor, 54 years, mother, married with Henk, three daughters. December 2012 I started with a short photography course and liked it so much...so now trying to be really active in this project :-)

Pictures on PP from the album 365 -just for the fun of it:

My camera is a Canon 550 D