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Now a 2nd year vet, my focus is now on posting weekly for the @se7en team, but still keeping my eye in occasionally “unsupervised”! Basically, once this 365 bug has bit, it’s hard to let it go…

My PPs can be found here: http://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=snaggy

My TTs here:


Updated Jan 2014


Amateur snapper using my daughter's A Level Photography course as an excuse to spend loads of money on a camera! Now over 100 days into 365 and becoming worryingly obsessed...

Used up all of my pre-planned ideas after the first 30 days, so the next 30 were spent worrying about the next shot. Have now got into a more relaxed and accepting frame of mind where I let things happen rather than worrying too much about it. Long may that continue.