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Hi there, I am Manon from the Netherlands, I love tramping, camping, campfires, coffee, beers and taking pictures (not necessarily in that order).

Today I was thinking about starting a 365 project (looking for fun, creativity and a challenge) and found this site just now. I decided to dive in head first. Really hope to be able to take the photo at the same day of uploading it. Sitting behind my computer to edit or adjust is not my cup of tea, so the shot must be good enough with a little cropping and maybe a BW filter or a bit more or less saturation. When I go on a holiday, I typically go off-grid and off-line, so there will be a delay in my timeline at some point.

Thank you for your comments, suggestions, thoughts, banter, critics, fav's and follows. I might not always reply in the feed under my image but I will definately appreciate and read your comment(s) and visit your profile to admire your photo's and share my thoughts or follow your project. Hope you have a great day.