The Fisherman

Went to breakfast today at Fisherman's terminal. This statue was made as a tribute to all the fisherman that have been lost at sea. You can see the greyness in this picture, but what isn't clear is how hard it's raining. I was standing under a pavilion cover while I took this picture to keep dry. After that we ran to the car, and were out for only 30 seconds but still got drenched...of course the whole city/state is buzzing due to the Seahawks/Saints game here today. Every man, woman, and child has a big "12" on them. Seriously, I was downtown yesterday, and even all the bankers had some sort of neon green and blue going on. Business suits were out. This storm kind of adds to the home field advantage.
Nice shot.
posted January 11th, 2014  
I love your outdoors shots, especially the silhouettey ones but I notice you don't have a lot of faces on your 365 so my challenge to you this week is to take a portrait shot of an interesting stranger.
posted January 12th, 2014  
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