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Please feel free to leave constructive feedback my photos. It's a great way to learn and that's one of my reasons for being on this site. I attempt to make comments on the photos of people I follow but sometimes all I have time for is a fav.

I live at Foxton Beach, a small seaside town on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

I have done the following Get Pushed challenges:
Black and white portrait
Rule of odds
Still life
Black and white artsy
Every day object
DIY filter
Nature from an unusual or unexpected view
Something man-made on the beach that tells a story (not a permanent fixture)
Flat Lay
Reflections at the beach
Rule of Odds
Leading lines
ICM - Intention camera movement
Something in a heart shape
Negative space
Inverted black and white
Slow shutter speed to capture movement
High key taken at the beach
Low key
Quirky local architecture
Still life using objects that aren't usually still life
Xmas song
Collage of holiday shots - best or worst moments
B&w style of the American photographer, Ansel Adams
Break the rule of thirds - centre an object
Long shutter speed depicting movement
Night photo
Monochrome - not black and white
Macro in a rainbow colour
Best shot of 12 - no edit
Back lit image
Fill flash
Slow shutter sped
Fast shutter speed
Macro nature shot with bokeh
Composite image
Fill the space with colour
Showing texture using blending mode
The same image taken in different lights
Zoom burst
Black and white high contrast nature shot
Shadow form that creates a mood, emotion or tone
Food for a magazine
Rim lighting
Black and white mundane
In the style of Pieter Claesz
Photography tricks
In the style of David Hillard
Forced Perspective
Leading lines
Meaning of spring