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I live at Foxton Beach, a small seaside town on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. My main passions are my family, cycling, photography and the amazing sunsets we get at Foxton Beach.

I'm an amateur, hobbyist photographer and mostly use a Canon EOS M5 Mirrorless camera. I also have an older style Olympus which has a 70-300 lens which gives a focal length range 140-600. I don't fully understand how it works. I also have a Tamron 600 lens which fits the Canon camera but is bulky and heavy.

I welcome comments and critiques on any of my photos. I've been described as a life long learner and want to continue to improve my photography and editing skills.

I have done the following Get Pushed challenges:
Black and white portrait
Rule of odds
Still life
Black and white artsy
Every day object
DIY filter
Nature from an unusual or unexpected view
Something man-made on the beach that tells a story (not a permanent fixture)
Flat Lay