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I live in southwest Michigan with my husband and two dogs. My husband is a good sport, and willingly goes out on excursions with me. It's pretty typical of us to have a random road trip on one of our weekend days off. I take a lot of photos of wildflowers, maybe because we tend to have a lot of gray, cloudy days here, and they are a bright spot of color. I don't really do photos that I would classify as "studio", using lights and the like. Outside is where I refresh and regroup, so that's my preference.

October 2018 marks the beginning of my third year on 365. One of the things I really enjoy about this site is seeing the bits of people's lives from all over the world. I have yet to get a photo every day, but maybe will one of these years. With the themes and competitions on this site, I have gained a lot more confidence using the various settings on my camera, and am fairly confident shooting in manual. I started out using an 8 year old Canon Rebel, and currently have a Canon 80D. My editing skills are pretty basic, and wouldn't know the first thing about editing layers. That might be an eventual thing to learn, but at this point, I like not editing a lot.