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I returned to 365 in 2021 after a break of 14 months. Life just got too busy (fun but busy) If you are interested, here are my shots that made the popular page. http://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=swillinbillyflynn

First started taking photos in 2012 with a cheap point and shoot camera........ then the photography addiction bit me hard. I spent 3 Years on Blipfoto and parted company with them in Jan 2015 after 1125 consecutive daily photographs and came here to 365.

I now have five digital cameras, 50+ vintage 35mm film SLR cameras, five vintage medium format cameras, enough lenses to reach half way to the moon, nine tripods and a fully functional darkroom.

In 2014 I had my first photographic exhibition in a local art gallery, my first professional photographic assignment which led to my first work published in a glossy magazine.

Given enough time I might even learn to take a half decent photo.

I have no specific photographic style. I just shoot whatever life throws at me, although I particularly like street photography. I like to take a camera out with me and go looking for a shot, rather than setting up posed photo shoots in a studio. Although, having said that. I would rather set up a shot than fake it with Photoshop. :)

I recently had an exhibition of my photographic work at Heartlands in Pool in Cornwall which ran for 18 months. Sold lots of prints and generated lots of website activity. A very worthwhile and lucrative experience. My work is currently available to buy in various shops in and around Cornwall.

My other interests are......

I am a multi-instrumentalist musician, producer, songwriter and composer. http://www.planetlala.co.uk

A bit of a rocker https://www.facebook.com/CaptainAndTheBlade

I am also a full time musical pirate http://www.piratesofstpiran.co.uk

I create exotic steampunk objet d'art

My goodly pirate wench Kitty has her own 365 project running over here http://365project.org/cutekitty/365

**** Update **** I now own 16 tripods which I believe officially makes it an obsession and quite possibly a fetish.