My Favorite Tree

Continuing to explore every mode of my camera. Today, I used landscape mode. It made good decisions. I let the camera choose ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. I expected that in landscape mode, it would always be going for large depth of field. That was true for this shot, but for some shots inside the forest canopy with lower light and a shorter background, it set the aperture to F5.6 with a good result. Well done, Canon programmers.
Nice starburst and framing with the tree.
posted December 5th, 2018  
I love how you included the foreground in your landscape. It gives your photo depth.
posted December 6th, 2018  
Nice one, what a lovely tree.
posted December 6th, 2018  
what a great picture - very nice!!
posted December 6th, 2018  
I just realized that I've never seen this tree with leaves on it. I first shot it in February of this year. Then, when the B&W trees challenge came up, I decided to go back. OK. Add that to my to do list: Shoot this tree in the spring or fall.
posted December 6th, 2018  
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